Friday, October 31, 2008

The view from the broomstick

Hallowe'en is always my favourite time of year to be on a bicycle. Dressed up in costume everyone around smiles, rather than the usual frazzled road moods about. Since my new recumbent looks like a giant broomstick I couldn't resist dressing up like a witch. Here I am in front of Community Bicycle Network:

If you live in Toronto, you should definitely drop by. Now is a great time of year to buy a secondhand bicycle so you don't salt up your pride and joy (oh but it won't snow this winter, no not at all...) You can also pay by the hour to make use of the repair stands and tools and learn how to fix your own bike. There are workshops, and believe me these are amazing if a spatially-challenged type like me can build a really good wheel (more on that later!)

So being that Hallowe'en fell on the last Friday of the month this year, I was a bit conflicted whether to hand out candy to little ghouls and goblins, or one big fun costumed bike parade. Dressed up cyclists won out (sorry kiddies!) Here's a small selection of the many amazing costumes:
Arrr ye mateys, pirate Tammy Thorne, editor of Toronto's new bike magazine, Dandyhorse.
A different kind of pirate: Toronto Cyclist Union assistant coordinator Yvonne Bambrick as a pirated CD collection
The gals of "Critical Sass" dressed up as police officers leading a lovely law-abiding cheer. There were dozens of folks dressed up as police officers on tonight's ride, some kindly blocking traffic to keep the mass together at intersections.
Derek Chadbourne, owner of the Bike Joint can doctor up your broken bicycle!
The postman delivers - rumored to be the last appearance of Martin de la Rue - did you get your telegram?
Thing One and Thing Two
Gerry the human moving pylon
More recumbent love! Fellow randonneur Mike and his skeletal stoker on a Rans Screamer
Tall bikes!
And around and around and around we go! The mass of cyclists entertaining the trick-or-treaters around Walmer Road circle.

I will now cast the spell of velo-love upon you all, and I'll be flying off into the night on my broomstick (much more fun than a car, although I was told "Get a car, witch!" as I flew past a late evening traffic jam)

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