Friday, October 24, 2008

Crazy gets lazy

Yes it has been a long time since I have written. Never fear I'm still helplessly bike addicted, but it seemed to me that there wasn't a lot new to write about. Insert rant about crazy driver. Rave about how much fun I'm having on two wheels. Yadda yadda.

Well now there's something new to tell you about! Yet another new bicycle! (much to my cat's disgusted look from me to the bike, you are bringing ANOTHER bicycle-shaped object into the house?!) I finally decided to join the dark side (or the comfy one, depending on your perspective!) and get 'bent!

Really I just wanted to lie down and enjoy the ride while I pedal along. Having several 'bent friends, I was told I would be a speed demon and very aerodynamic. I find it unfair when I see other people coasting up hills I am pedaling furiously. However, the instant speed demon is all an illusion! So far I get passed by every weekend warrior on big squishy tires on the bike path. Apparently it takes time to develop something mysterious called "bent legs".

The bike is great for attracting attention and having people talk to you. However I find the questions and commentary a little odd.

How much did your bike cost? Note, no hi how are you, that's a pretty bike, or other banter, they just cut right to the point of what they want to know.

Can the bike climb? Hmm, you'll have to ask me later, as I just got it a week ago, and I haven't gotten used to climbing on it yet. Read: a masher must learn how to spin! I gleefully discovered I still can mash actually by pressing my back into the seat and pulling on the handlebars, but somehow this method does not seem to be a good thing for my knees.

Struggling to get up a short hill out of the Humber Valley in the granny gear does not bode well for the bike's intended purpose (read touring across the rocky mountains hauling all my camping gear) but I'm hoping that some smaller gears plus acquiring these mysterious "bent legs" will help with that.

Gee you must be really strong! Said while mashing my way up a small incline. Do I look like I'm disabled on this thing? (okay in fairness someone else was pushing bike on said incline)

Are you clipped in on that? Isn't that scary? Why no actually its scarier for you to be clipped in. I can unclip and put my foot on the ground without getting off the seat. Ah I like this being close to the ground thing.

Oh what a Bee-You-tee-ful bicycle!! Yes this commentary is better!

There's all kinds of new things to figure out. Hmm my jerseys have the pockets backwards. When its dusk and the bugs are out they swarm into your eyes much better than on a head-down bike. It feels much more vulnerable to have my face at mirror height in traffic than my shoulder, so I hate anyone passing too close, and am more likely to take the lane. I wonder why some of them turn right around me from the middle lane of the road, and then I figured out maybe they are trying to get a better view of the bike! Gear changing happens more often, my wrists are getting quite the workout from the grip shifters.

I can't wait to take it out in the country and bounce over some real rollers, because this thing is a whole ton of fun going downhill.... Whee!