Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How to get two bikes home

For the non-straight armed inclined. And with weather much too nice to want to take transit instead of the bike for a single commute.

Day 1. The new bike is ready! Walk to the shop from work leaving the beater in the underground garage at work overnight (the garage is locked in the evening) and ride the new lime green bikey home. Yay for lime green bikeys.
Day 2. Ride Twenty to work (without its usual milk crate) Ride the beater home from work. Move Twenty to the end spot on the rack to reserve an easy spot to lock up the trailer the next day (since the weather is gorgeous, the racks are busy)
Day 3. Ride the new Kona to work with the trailer attached. Move Twenty to a new spot and lock the bike with attached trailer at the end. (running a cable through the trailer arm)

Then at the end of the day, make sure to get out of the garage before lock-up time (as getting everything up through the building would be a pain) The trailer is a bit small to hold a bike but it is definitely stable. Ride it home hoping not to look like a bike thief.