Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Recipe for a Mood Booster

Sorry folks for the lack of posting lately! I am having far too much fun enjoying the lovely spring weather and always on my bike to be writing about being on my bike. Some rainy day I will get around to the backlog like fun with recumbent bikes, and a ride report for my recent 200k brevet.

Take one lovely sunshiney spring day.
Bring one fun vintage bikey that has been languishing in the basement out to play.
Pump up the tires.
Tie a milkcrate to the rear rack with old inner tube.
Put on bright shoes.
Put hair in a ponytail.
Just get on and ride - no special bikey wear required.
Gleefully pedal to favourite garden store with a happy back from a very upright bike.
Enjoy bouncing on the sproingy seat.
Enjoy how flared pant legs don't have to be tucked into socks (Twenty has a chain guard)
Load milkcrate full of trailing petunias.
Pedal home at a leisurely pace.
Try to make the petunia machine zoom along to catch up with a recumbent bike in the distance so I can see what kind it is. (a Burley SWB)
Tell recumbent rider "hey I like your bike!"
Coast down tree lined residential street going wheeeeeeeeee!
Arrive home with goodies.

Assemble petunias in homemade hanging baskets.
Determine there is a shortage of flowers.
Gleefully repeat pedalling steps and load up the milk crate at the store again.
Shrug that my homemade trailer project is not finished yet its a gorgeous day for multiple trips anyway.

Enjoy playing with dirt.
Water and hang baskets up.

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