Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oh look a finished knitting project

Pattern: Easy Street from Patons Street Smart booklet
Yarn: Daina by Headwater Wool

Finally a finished sweater. My knitting friends ask me every week when I come out with one of my three (now two!) unfinished-in-progress-forever sweater projects "You're STILL working on that?!" My procrastination at actually finishing something came back to haunt me with this one, as I stuffed the finished pieces in a bag and forgot about assembling them. When I finally got around to it, I discovered moths had eaten big holes in one of the sleeves. And tiny holes in the back. I patched up the tiny holes with some thread, but I had two leftover skeins of wool from this project which I used to make a new sleeve.

Its always challenging working on knitting projects with a curious kitten around. During blocking (wetting the pieces and stretching and pinning them to the dimensions it should have knit to) Abby proceeded to hop on the table and remove every single pin.

Now that I have a nice warm wool sweater to wear, spring weather should promptly begin. So all you cyclists can thank me now that yippee cycling season should soon be upon us. Of course, I don't actually believe in cycling season since every day is a good cycling day, but there is:

Basic Transportation season and Crazy Long Epic Rides season
Beater Bike season and Nice Bike won't get destroyed by salt season
Take Ten Minutes to Bundle Up season and Wear Whatever you want season
Wonder if you'll get frostbite season and Consume gallons of water to ward off the heat season
Yelling faster its cold! to a friend season and Leisurely social riding season
Hiding under balaclava season and Smiling and Waving at fellow cyclist season
Hazardous roads from snow and ice season and Hazardous roads from construction debris season
Bitching about bike lanes not being cleared of snow season and Bitching about bike lanes with wrong way fairweather only cyclists season