Friday, February 24, 2006

10000 km of pedal power!

10,000 km (more than the distance from Toronto to Vancouver and back again) since I got the bike computer (3.5 years ago) and got addicted to cycling. Some of it for fun, but the majority of it for basic transportation needs.

2.75 tonnes of carbon dioxide not released into the atmosphere (based on an average cars city fuel efficiency of 11L/100 km, and 2.5 kg of C02 per L of gas burned)

I save about $1000 in public transit fares per year (based on 3000 km/year, average trip of 6 km one way, 500 one way trips @ $2), spending maybe $100 a year on bike maintenance.

I have the freedom to go wherever I want in the city whenever I want to. I can go to the places that drivers think is too expensive to park or too congested to want to drive. I can get quickly to places that might take two or three transit transfers to get to, without having to wait, or getting packed in like a sardine.

And I am so much more fit than 10,000 km ago when walking up a few flights of stairs or trying to run even 100m would leave me breathless.

The view from here

including the bus not taken

The odometer turned over to 10000 as I got in the left lane to turn left onto Queen Street from Carlaw. It made a cooler picture than these ones taken after I turned the corner and stopped (see now that I am over 10000 the decimal place disappears, and I only get precision to the nearest km) But despite the sunny weather, its a windchill of -10C so I didn't want to take the time to fish my camera out of my rear coat pocket and then take off the lobster gloves all the while with traffic behind me in the lane.
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